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Centered around New York City, iPractical Computing proudly serves clients across the United States. We provide leading web-development, email marketing and technology services. Our team consists of dynamic, knowledgeable and inter-connected Project Managers, Marketing gurus, Programmers, Graphic Artists, and System Administrators.

We deliver top-notch, dependable and effective systems and solutions. We look at the challenges from your perspective and empower you with the technologies needed to fulfill your mission. Make the web work for you.

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Web Development

Web Development

Building corporate and organization websites. Idea generation, Specs formulation, Site Design, Coding & Implementation.

Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

Research, analyze, evaluate and compare technology solutions. We research and present so you can easily determine what's best for you.



Building member bases. Database migrations and configuration. Newsletter design & coding. Mail server setup & management.

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Our clients include businesses, law firms, brokerages, government agencies, political campaigners and non-profit organizations. We deliver expertise, personal focus and vision. Our dedicated project managers, backed by development experts, stay committed to your project from the stages of idea-generation to implementation, training, fulfillment and beyond.

We understand the importance that technologies can and should serve in one's business, and we will see to its success. Our Number One goal is your satisfaction and success. Find out why our clients are thrilled with the sophistication and effectiveness of our approaches.

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